The New Avian-X Hens Stupefy Spring Strutters

The folks at Avian-X added some smokin' hot hens to their turkey decoy lineup this spring. They're so realistic that you could danged near grill them.

Pictured above is the LCD Feeder hen—one of three new dekes. As you can see, the details are dynamite.

Upgrades from the original lineup of Avian-X turkey decoys include longer, more convincing legs and smaller overall body sizes. Not only are these new dekes easier to carry than the originals, but they bring in more birds, too.

According to my most reliable sources, hunters have been tying their 2014 turkey tags to long-spurred legs across the country thanks to these new decoys. A bit of advice: If your current decoy lineup isn't getting the job done, it's time for an upgrade. The spring gobbler season is almost over!