Killer Custom Photography For Your Man Cave

Some dudes love to post images of beautiful females in their garage, shed or office. (Plead the 5th if you must.) The female form is a force to reckon with. But a lot of those guys love guns, too . . . so why not combine the two?

Here's an idea: Bring the lady of your life to Straight 8 Custom Photography in Chandler, Arizona. A crew of combat veterans operates this studio, and they take some of the most wildly wicked portraits you've ever seen. You can get a surreal photo in a post-apocalyptic backdrop, armed with high-tech weaponry and with mean looks on your faces. These photographers are so good they'll even make geeks look like warriors.

Stick a poster-size version of that photo in your man cave and then have the guys at Straight 8 take singles of you and your better half. We editors suggest that you text those images to your buds and let them drown in jealously!

Hey, we could all use our 15 seconds of fame.

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