A Treestand Hunter's Most Important Step

Unfortunately, this deer season several hunters will fall from treestands, and many of them will sustain crippling injuries, or worse. Here's one new product that can help you avoid becoming a sad statistic.

For me, the trickiest part of hunting from a treestand is stepping into or out of the stand itself. But one product I've been using lately is making that task easier—and safer—than ever before.

Let me introduce you to the Hurricane Safety System's treestand PowerSTEP. Unlike traditional treesteps, climbing ladder stick systems or ladder stand rungs, which all possess a minimal amount of step surface area, the Hurricane PowerSTEP provides four times more foot room during the critical stand-to-ladder/step transition. Even when I'm wearing large, muddy hunting boots, the PowerSTEP is easily found and provides a safe and secure platform for foot placement.

I have a healthy respect for heights (read: fear), and thanks to the PowerSTEP, I no longer hug the tree while hunting for a position to place my foot.

Shoot straight, and be safe.

Bonus Video: Hunting From The Ground