Is this loin perfectly done or too rare?

Spring is grilling season, especially for those hunters who live in the frozen tundra called the Midwest or Northeast. Yes, you can grill during midwinter in Minnesota, but you'd better be wearing your long johns.

One man who knows a thing or two about living in the Northland—and grilling—is avid New York turkey and deer hunter Tony Caggiano. He recently took this backyard photo showing a spectacular feast of venison loin with sautéed wild mushrooms.

I showed this dinner plate pic to my fellow NAH and NAF editors here in the office, and they're divided on whether Tony's steak needs more time on the grill. And not surprisingly, several non-hunters who happened to walk by my desk (visualize an open work space environment) said basically the same thing: "Gross! That steak in the photo is raw!"

When I brought Tony into the doneness debate occurring in our office, he said, "I think it appeared far more rare in the photo than in reality. But I do prefer venison almost ‘black and blue.' "

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