Iowa Whitetails: App Deadline Approaching!

It's summertime, when grilling last fall's backstraps should be front and center on your mind. But if you're a whitetail freak, I know you're already thinking about this fall. And you should be.

Some of the best whitetail hunting destinations in the country are the hardest to get into. Iowa is on that list, but it's certainly not impossible to get a tag … if you're prepared.

From right now, you've got about a week to get your nonresident deer hunting application into the Iowa DNR, which will be closing its deadline doors on June 1.

Here's the best part: You can purchase a preference point each year, at a fraction of the license cost, and stockpile those bad boys until you're ready for a whitetail hunt in those Iowan fields of dreams.

And when you dig into the stats, the odds don't seem so daunting. If you're a bowhunter, you're looking at a 3- to 4-year wait. If you're a slugger or a muzzleloader aficionado, then your wait is more likely to be only 2 years.

See that whitetail above? See that smile? Both those things are proof that drawing an Iowa tag is well worth the wait. That photo was taken 2 years ago, and my turn is coming around again this fall.

Get your app in … and I'll see ya there.

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