Jessie Duff Is World Action Pistol Champ

Taurus Team Captain, Jessie Duff, recently won first place at the 2014 World Action Pistol Championship, in Park City, Kentucky.

Jessie Duff represented the United States while on the Ladies USA Open Team at Rock Castle Shooting Center in Kentucky. The representative position is one of many highlights professionals seek to achieve in their shooting career.

For the second consecutive year, Jessie was crowned the Ladies World Champion in this 2-day event; last year's event was held in Germany. She used a custom Taurus 1911 in 9mm.

"I was so excited to shoot my new Taurus guns, built specifically for Bianchi and Action Pistol, and they ran flawlessly!" Jessie said. "I love shooting Action Pistol because of the challenge. It makes me a better, more accurate shooter, which transfers over to my other disciplines. Action Pistol challenges every aspect of a shooter, from accuracy and patience, to your mental game as well. Action Pistol is by the far the hardest type of shooting I do, but I look forward to the challenge, and try to improve my scores each year."

Congrats Jessie, and good luck next year when you go for three in a row!

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