A Nebraska Gift

Once in a while things just fall into place. Let me back up: I visited central Nebraska in early April looking to harvest a Merriams turkey with my bow—or two.

Unfortunately, I missed and things didn't work out. That's life.

So, I arranged a return trip—this time with the shotgun. While I was on my first trip, we stayed in a camper, but occasionally heard gobblers around the park from our campsite, but never thought we'd get lucky enough to work and maybe even kill one of those birds.

Well, as luck would have it, I wasn't able to get a longbeard within range of my #5s for 2 days and had all but given up. In fact, I was laying in bed (in a tent) the morning we were planning on returning home when I was woken up by a relatively close gobbling bird—and he was hot!

In short, he flew down and I could hear him moving towards an area of the public hunting area that I knew I could set up the perfect ambush. I got up, threw on a pair of camo pants, a gray hoodie, grabbed my vest and shotgun and RAN in his direction.

After 35 minutes of calling, he finally stepped out at 35 yards and I was able to wake my buddy up back at camp with a shotgun blast, which resulted in a dead turk doing the upside down bicycle.

I guess the lesson one can take from this? Never give up, sometimes the Good Lord will drop a gift in your lap. Maximize!

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