Early Trail Cams

I like to get my cameras hung up by mid June, which means camera, SD card and battery inventory begins now.

Is it ever too early? Some would say yes, but I know guys that run cameras 365 days a year. Is it important to maintain that much contact with the deer you hunt? I think it can be, but some would argue too much intrusion might negatively impact your hunting.

It's a good time to make upgrades and plan your spread based on what you found last year.

Why start in June? By the end of June I feel most deer are pretty identifiable based on their individual characteristics. They'll still have some growing to do, but the time to get a herd inventory and determine overall health begins now. Plus, it's a great time to get your kids in the woods and involve them in the whole gamut of chasing whitetails.

Turkey season has just ended, fishing is getting good, but I'm still obsessed with what the deer are up to. It just never gets old! Watch for updates as the season progresses—LOTS of pictures to come.

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