Want A MN Hunting Lease For This Fall?

I spent a good amount of my 20s in northern Minnesota as a fishing guide, and along the way I met several hunters and fishermen who remain good friends of mine, even though 2 decades have passed.

A few of these friends have hunting leases through the Potlatch Lease Program. And from what I've been told, this program is a super deal for outdoorsmen who want access to land without having to cash in their 401K.

So why am I telling you? Because Potlatch (think forestry) just sent an e-mail notifying me that they have posted 51 leases available for the fall, 2014 hunting season. These leases are located through northern Minnesota and will be awarded as applications are submitted. According to a spokesperson at Potlatch, if you have applied in the past and have not been successful, or if you have never applied, now is a great time to try.

Good luck!

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