Tired of trailer hook-up trouble?

We editors feel your pain. You attempt to back up your truck under the coupler of your ATV or boat trailer, only to be off by a few inches. And because you're flying solo, there's no one there to yell "a little left!" So back and forth you run from the trailer to the truck until you finally get it right.

We recently discovered an inexpensive and simple solution to this maddening problem. Check out the Coupler Connect from DuraSafe. The device enables you to easily guide the trailer coupling directly over the ball without a line of sight or light, while also preventing damage to your tow vehicle. A unique mounting bracket (fits standard 1-inch diameter ball shanks) accommodates a wide range of couplers and ball mounts and allows for maximum vehicle turning radius. Constructed with zinc-plated steel, Coupler Connect installs easily in minutes.

"The Coupler Connect takes all the guess work out of hooking your trailer up and protects your bumper from accidental damage," said DuraSafe's Cathy Kraatz. "So, even if you have a vehicle with the back-up camera, the Coupler Connect is a complementary product that eliminates the need to get out and make that final check on position. Coupler Connect will position your trailer coupling in precisely the right spot over the ball every time for fast and easy hook-ups."

Just think: No more dinged bumpers and tailgates! We thought you'd like that.