How Long Can You Survive In The Wilderness?

Leftfield Entertainment is in the process of casting for an electrifying new cable show about self-sufficiency and surviving in the wild. Think you got what it takes?

"We're currently developing an exciting new series with a major cable network that is going to ask the strongest self-reliance experts and enthusiasts in the world a very simple question - how long could you survive alone in the wild?" said Molly Tom, a casting associate with Leftfield Entertainment, "We're looking for folks who want to prove that they have the skills, determination, willpower and mental strength to take part in the ultimate survival experience."

As a cast member you'll be out in the wilderness for an extensive amount of time self documenting the entire excursion. If you think you have what it takes or simply want more info, visit the Survive In The Wild casting website.

You'd better hurry casting ends on May 30!