New Record Carp For Vermont

If you love to bowfish, spring is your favorite time of the year because carp and other roughfish are wallowing in the shallows during the spawn. It's part fishing, part bowhunting, and it's pure fun.

One man who knows this better than most is Darren Ouelette of Shoreham, Vermont. He was bowfishing for carp with Taylor Patterson in a backwater area of southern Lake Champlain when he spotted a very large carp cruising just below the surface in some flooded trees. Drawing quickly and taking aim, Darren arrowed the 44-pound 6-ounce giant and then fought it for more than 20 minutes.

"When Darren finally got it in close, I tried to net it but I could only fit its head in the net," Taylor said. "I ended up just grabbing it in the mouth by hand and swinging it in. I was shocked at how heavy it was when I went to lift it."

Darren's fish tops the previous state record carp by nearly 2 pounds. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has maintained the record fish program since 1969 to help monitor productivity of fisheries throughout the state and also to give anglers recognition for their exceptional catches. Darren's carp now stands as the single heaviest fish ever entered into the program, of any species, in the 45 years of the program's existence.

Good shooting, Darren!

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