3-D: Competition? Practice? Or Both?

Whether you thrive on the competition factor or love the fall preparation that comes with shooting 3-D during the summer, it's just plain, good, clean fun!

Take the family to introduce them to the sport, or gather up a group of your buddies, fill a cooler and make a few friendly wagers—no matter your purpose the time you spend flinging arrows now will impact how well you shoot during the fall.

For me, it's all of the above. And I can assure you that this type of scenario-specific practice will challenge you to become a better archer, and hunter.

To find a local club in your area, try a Google search. Something is sure to show up within reasonable driving distance. It truly is a great way to help pass the summer quickly as we are already anxiously awaiting the cooling temps of fall.

But, don't let summer pass you by!

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