Killer New Pruner From Hooyman

I go through several cheap pruners each deer season. Sure, I've lost a few of them in the woods, but generally they break in my hand and I'm forced into buying yet another replacement.

I'm hoping to stop my repeated trips to the local hardware store by buying the new Ratchet Pruner from Hooyman. What I love about this new tool is it features a built-in, detachable pocket saw. The simple push of a button detaches the in-handle saw from the pruner, providing you with a handy saw.

In the past I've always had to pack both pruner and saw in my fannypack, but not any longer. This multipurpose trimming tool is ideal for cutting shooting lanes and brushing in blinds.

The Ratchet Pruner features many of the same premium components as the popular Hooyman Saws, including a high carbon steel saw blade in the pocket saw. It's constructed of ultra-strong aluminum (not plastic), and features a hardened, razor sharp pruner blade.

It would be my preference to own the Ratchet Pruner in blaze-orange instead of black (read: easier to find when I have to hike back into the woods to find where I left it), but I can remedy that with a bit of blaze duct tape.

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