Persistence Pays On Last-Minute Longbeard

Dave Smith, well-known decoy builder and friend of the North American Hunting Club, shot his third and final Oregon tom of the 2014 turkey season. His last-minute longbeard couldn't resist a DSD four-bird set.

According to Dave, this was his first attempt at self-filming. And I'd say he did a damn good job!

Congrats, Dave, on your persistence, and for sharing this video with the North American Hunting Club.

P.S. I've hunted with DSDs for several years now, and I've had so much success with luring turkeys into point-blank bow range with Dave Smith Decoys that several of my hunting partners have purchased them, too. DSDs aren't cheap, but like anything in this world, you get what you pay for. DSDs are nearly indestructible, and as this video shows, they'll bring in gobblers that have seen and heard it all.

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