A 3D Shoot With A Twist

Nothing prepares you for big game bowhunting like realistic practice. While it's helpful to stand on the shooting line inside your local archery shop and repeatedly pound arrows into the bull's-eye from 20 yards, you're exercising your muscles, not your mind.

For a total training experience, you should shoot at 3D targets in the field, and I just heard about one event that sounds crazy cool.

The NW Mountain Challenge (formerly Bogus Challenge) is a fun and challenging 3D shoot designed for all levels of archers, from the kids course to the Pure Elevation Extreme Course. This is the third year of the event, and it will be held at Tamarack Ski Resort the weekend of June 27-29, 2014. Tamarack Ski Resort is located about 2 hours north of Boise, Idaho.

Participants will ride the ski lifts to mid mountain (approximately 7,000 feet) and the courses will start from there with two of them dropping back down to the base, and the Pure Elevation Course climbing another 1,000 feet that features tough hiking, extreme shot angles and a handful of long-range targets.

This event is also a great venue for local companies (think vendor base camp) to show off their products and support a great cause. You see, 100 percent of the raffle items go to the Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation, which helps take critically ill children on a once in a lifetime hunt opportunity. Awesome.

There are numerous lodging options, as well as nearby golfing, water skiing, mountain biking and more. Check it out!

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