Never Worry About Decocking This Crossbow

If you've ever been hunting with a crossbow you know that you simply can't uncock one on your way out of the woods, after an unsuccessful hunt. Instead you have to fire one of your arrows or a dummy arrow into the dirt. Winchester Archery has a solution for this problem that will surely make life easier for crossbow hunters.

The New Winchester Dark Horse Crossbow has patent pending uncocking technology, so you'll never have to fire a bolt again to unload it.

It's easy to use
To decock the Dark Horse, simply remove your bolt, place the cradle on the bowstring, draw the butt stock pad out, actuating the hydraulic cylinder, and pull the trigger.

More about the Dark Horse
It comes with an adjustable-collapsing foregrip that travels on its own picatinny-rail and has two extra picatinny-rails for attaching accessories.

It has a standered black tactical finish, has 122 ft./lbs. of Kinetic Energy and is 17.50 inches axle to axle. It also features a 180-pound draw weight, 13 inches of power stroke and weighs merely 8.8 pounds. Winchester says it reaches nearly 360 fps.

MSRP for the Dark Horse is $1499.99—included in the price is a custom embroidered bowcase, removable quiver, four bolts, and a fully transferable-lifetime warranty.

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