5 Ways To Spice Up Summer Archery Practice

Rather than walking out to your backyard every morning or going to the same archery range three times a week and doing the same dull thing to keep yourself in bowhunting "shape," give these five suggestions a try and you're sure to make your practice time more enjoyable—and you might just learn a thing or two.

  1. Join an archery league. It seems simple, but the competitive aspect involved will force you to shoot better. Besides, there's nothing better than hanging out with your friends and shooting a few arrows—plus, you get out of the house.

  2. Visit an alternate indoor or outdoor archery range. Head across town … or even to the next county. The change of scenery will get you out of your normal surroundings and out of your routines.

  3. Find a local 3-D shoot and sign up. Not only are they fun, but they challenge you with more realistic shots. Read Thomas Allen's post "3-D: Competition? Practice? Or Both ?" for more ways to make a 3-D shoot even better.

  4. Go bowfishing—yes, it'll work better if you have a boat and bright lights to illuminate the water at night, but it can be done from shore with waders and flooded vegetation. I guarantee you'll have fun doing it. See how NAH-TV Host Mark Kayser relates it to whitetail hunting in this short video clip .

  5. Set up a portable treestand in your backyard and shoot from it. Every time you head out to practice, set your target in a new location. The trick here is to not "walk off" a specific distance—range your target once you're in your stand and make the shot. You can make it even more fun by having a buddy move the target for you with each shot. Don't have trees in your back yard, no problem—shoot from your deck or another elevated position.

Bonus Tip:

Now, get out and practice … September is only a few months away!

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