Dangerous Game vs. Single-Shot Rifle

Longtime readers of North American Hunter magazine and fans of our TV show know the name Larry Weishuhn quite well. If there's anyone who has "been there, done that," it's our friend Mr. Weishuhn.

We recently ran across a series of interesting Facebook posts made by Larry in preparation for his upcoming dangerous game hunt, and he has graciously allowed us to share those comments here. Larry writes:

I spent part of the day at the FTW Ranch, and among other things was able to sight in my Ruger No.1 in .450-400 Nitro Express topped with a Zeiss Duralyt 2-8X using Hornady's 400-grain DGX.

This rifle is the one I'm taking to Namibia's Caprivi Strip; I'm hunting with Omujeve Safaris for Cape buffalo. The gun will later be auctioned by the Ruger Society. I'll get a lot of photos and footage with it, and when we put it up for auction, I'm going to be bidding on it as well.

The .450-400 NE really isn't that bad on recoil, and I was impressed with its accuracy. After shooting it at the range, I can't wait to hunt with it. And I do love Ruger No. 1s!

In my opinion, the Zeiss Duralyt 2-8X is the best dangerous game scope on the market. And it's also the scope I had on my Ruger American Rifle when I shot my desert bighorn sheep.

The cheek pad you see in the photo is for sight alignment so my eye is perfectly in line with the center of the scope when the gun is brought to shoulder. It simply depends upon how a rifle "falls to shoulder" as to whether or not I use a cheek pad.

With the 400-grain DGX Hornady load, I'm shooting one ragged hole groups at 75 yards. And I also tested it out to 150 yards and was shooting less than 3-inch groups. Impressive rifle!

Many of the older and bigger African rounds I've experimented with perform extremely well with relatively short barrels: .375s do well with 22-inch barrels! I love messing with the various African rounds.

By the way, the rifle rest is a MaXbox rest from Australia, but it's now also available here in the United States. Great rest!

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