Fifty Shades Of Camo?

“Miss Steele, I do believe you’re making my palm twitch.” This quote from E.L. James’ best-seller, Fifty Shades of Grey, might be your wife’s cup of tea, but we editors know you’d gladly trade romance novels/movies for thrillers any day.

It’s none of our business if you spend Valentine’s Day in the theater with your partner watching “Fifty Shades of Grey,” (tip: you can probably sneak out after they kill the lights and catch “American Sniper” somewhere down the hall) but we’ll take away your man-card if you read James’ book.

The next time you need to burn a few hours in an airplane, turkey blind or deer stand, check out the suspense thriller, Moon Underfoot, written by Mossy Oak BioLogic’s Bobby Cole. As you can see from the photo below, Cole is a diehard hunter; he’s also one hell of an author.

Moon Underfoot features Mississippi outdoorsman Jake Crosby who's being hunted by blood-crazed poacher Ethan "Moon Pie" Daniels.

Why is Moon Pie after Jake? As is explained in Cole's first book, The Dummy Line, Jake was in the wrong place (Alabama huntin' camp) at the wrong time. We don't want to spoil the whole story, so let's just say Jake sent a couple of Moon Pie's buddies to hell with help from a gobbler gun. (Yea, that's gonna leave a mark!)

Moon Pie is pissed . . . and well, you'll just have to read the book.

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