Hunter Quiz: Ginger Or Mary Ann?

I'm certainly dating myself with the above reference, but with "Gilligan's Island" currently running on channels dedicated to classic TV, I hope you at least understand the infamous question. (For the record, I've been a "Mary Ann, hands down," kind of guy my entire life.)

Allow me reshape the question into deer hunting terms. Here's what I mean:

Let's say Mary Ann represents (specific to antlers) a typical whitetail (such as my tall-tined South Dakota buck below), and Ginger represents a non-typical whitetail. I think the analogy works because Mary Ann is the "girl next door," and bucks with typical antlers are far more common than bucks with non-typical antlers.

So, Mr. Deer Hunter: Ginger or Mary Ann?

With apologies to my seventh-grade crush, sweet Mary Ann, I have to say Ginger. There's simply something about an exotic non-typical buck (such as "Kickstand," the Saskatchewan drop-tine bruiser I tagged below) that fascinates me and occupies my treestand daydreams.

How about you? Visit the to forums and weigh in on whitetails: Ginger or Mary Ann?

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