Mr. DIY: Could You Fix This Bush Plane?

Duct tape can be used to repair most anything, and proof of that can be seen in these photos.

A few years ago, during an Alaska fly-in fishing trip, a pilot and his clients left a cooler and bait in their plane while they hiked away to fish. A bear smelled the contents of the cooler and then trashed the plane to gain access to the goodies.

Thankfully the pilot was able to call another pilot on his radio and have him drop two new tires, three cases of duct tape and a supply of sheet plastic to repair the damage. The pilot patched his plane and successfully flew it home.

While chances are good you'll never need duct tape to battle a bear, I'm betting you use it plenty for numerous repairs around the house. I use the standard silver-colored stuff at home, too, but I'm stepping up to Realtree Camo Duck Tape for fixing several torn padded seats on a dozen hang-on treestands.

Deep snow prevented me from removing my treestands after deer season closed this past winter, and the squirrels and other rodents had a field day chewing the heck out of the seats from January through April. I gathered up the torn seats during spring turkey season and now I'll repair them with Duck Tape.

P.S. Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, you've heard about the high school prom goers who've taken a liking to duct tape. In fact, Duck Tape conducts an annual "Stuck at Prom" contest and awards serious scholarship money to the winners! One of my favorite entries is shown below.