Killer Mountain Khakis

Don't own a pair of MKs? It's time to ditch your favorite blue jeans, at home and in the field.

Like you, I own several pairs of blue jeans. Some are so old and ragged that I cut them above the knee and they now serve as shorts. And some are still in decent enough shape that I can wear them to Sunday service without fear a lightning bolt will zip from the sky and send me to a fiery hell.

Even though I'd never badmouth blue jeans, which would be like cursing the United States Constitution, I find myself choosing my Mountain Khakis far more often.

Specifically, I wear MK's Original Mountain Pant (above) during the warm-weather months, and the company's flannel-lined version (below) when it's colder.

Of course, MK makes a wide variety of clothing, and if I ever win the lottery I'll buy one of everything for me and my hunt-crazy wife and kids.

Mountain Khakis are super comfortable and super durable, which like blue jeans, seems too good to be true. But in my opinion, MKs look better . . . in a boat, at a shooting range, in church . . . or on an attractive lady tending the fire.