Kid's Corner: Super Saturday

Just as he was arriving at his stand, the author made a quick shot at a passing buck before ever climbing up. He knew the deer was a legal buck but didn't know how big until he and his dad walked up on the downed animal.

Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, was a sad time for many due to Hurricane Sandy, but it was also one of the best days imaginable as a 12-year-old hunter.
For my dad and me, this didn't seem like the best day: We did everything wrong. We got afield at 9 a.m. due to the morning rain. It was already midmorning and we were just heading to our treestand.

However, we were going to the same mountain where I shot my first deer. As we were halfway up the mountain, a doe and a 6-point buck jumped and ran ahead of us, but they didn't slow down enough for me to get a shot at the buck.

Once on top of the mountain, I saw movement in the brush. There was a beautiful 8-point buck that my dad saw earlier in the week. As I took aim, the buck ran off and I knew I must've made another mistake. Why else would he run?

Ten yards from the stand, my dad went to check some mock scrapes he made earlier in the week. I stood on the ground next to the ladder with my crossbow in hand. Just then I watched a deer run across an open area about 100 yards from the stand.

I whispered to Dad, "I just saw a deer up ahead of us."

"Get ready."

I listened carefully and heard the deer getting closer. I took a knee to help stabilize me and saw antlers. I counted 2 points and knew it was a legal buck! I told Dad that it was a buck and if I got the shot I was going to take it.

I waited for the buck to get into my shooting lane and grunted to make him stop—I let the arrow fly and knew the shot connected. We waited about 30 minutes and Dad went to check out the buck. I stayed back at the stand to collect our gear and then went toward Dad.

"How big do you think your deer is?"

"A 4-pointer," I replied. "I saw only 2 points on the one side."

Dad started laughing. "Buddy, you got yourself the buck of a lifetime."

Then I saw the beautiful 10-point buck that I was blessed with that day. We were very blessed to be safe during Hurricane Sandy, as was the rest of our family back at home. At that moment, I knew I just got my "Super Saturday!"

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