Pretty In Pink?

Do women really like having pink accents on their camo hunting clothing? It all depends on who you ask.

My wife is a diehard hunter, and I can't take much of the credit. On our first date (she was 25), Jodi told me about trips with her dad and his buddies for whitetails, pronghorns, ducks, geese, pheasants and even South Dakota ground squirrels.

During the 14 years we've been married, Jodi (below) has expanded her pursuits to include wild turkeys, black bears and wild boar. While we both enjoy hunting with firearms, our passion is bowhunting (whitetails and gobblers especially) due to the lengthy seasons and in-your-face animal encounters.

Does Jodi wear pink-accented camo gear? Yes . . . and no.

She doesn't mind the pink accents if it's super subtle and placed away from animal eyes, which is to say the pink will be covered up by other camo gear or is on the back of her hat, etc.

For example, Jodi loves bowhunting in her Huntworth Beanie (below) due to its ponytail access slot. But I know for a fact she'd like the hat even better if the pink accents were gone entirely, or placed on the back only.

A gun industry friend of mine (25-ish girly girl who tagged her first turkey this spring), recently posted on Facebook: "Seriously, can a girl get some camo that doesn't have pink on it? Pretty please with sprinkles on top. Yes, I'm a girl. I wear heels almost every day in the office. I love dressing up to go to fancy, fun places. I like looking cute and wearing pearls even when doing outdoorsy or sporty activities. That doesn't mean every single thing has to have pink."

For those women you enjoy the pink accents, check out the new Browning Hells Belles jacket and pants in Realtree camo (below). And as I stated earlier, Huntworth also makes high-quality gear with hint of pink.

For those who want camo specifically designed for them without the pink, you have choices, too. Prois (Hunting & Field Apparel for Women) makes a bunch of topnotch gear, as does Cabela's in its OutfitHER series (below). Note: The OutfitHER series uses a teal accent to set it apart from the men's clothing line.

If you're a guy who likes pink accents on your camo (not that there's anything wrong with that), you'll have to buy women's gear and hope it fits.

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