Now Up For Auction: Vermont Moose!

In most states, limited-draw big game tags are available through lottery only, but Vermont offers a handful of moose tags via auction to the highest bidder.

Vermont's lottery for moose hunting permits closed June 17, but there's one more opportunity to get a permit for this fall's moose hunt. Vermont's auction for five moose hunting permits is open until 4:30 p. m. August 14, 2014.

Auction winners can hunt in one of several wildlife management units open to moose hunting, and they can choose to hunt during the October 1-7 archery season, or in the October 18-23 regular (firearms) season.

Bids must be entered with a sealed bid form available from Vermont Fish & Wildlife. A minimum bid of $1,500 is required, and winning bids are typically at least $4,000. Bids do not include the cost of a hunting license (residents $22, nonresidents $100) or moose hunting permit fee (residents $100, nonresidents $350).

Click here to view Vermont's 2013 Moose Harvest Report with details on last year's hunt, including the towns where moose were tagged.

Proceeds from the moose hunting permit auction help fund Vermont Fish & Wildlife educational programs. And for that reason, we editors congratulate Vermont officials on finding an innovative way to bring in these much needed dollars.

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