New Archery Record Desert Sheep?

The Pope and Young Club announces a possible new bow-killed world record desert bighorn.

In January 2013, bowhunter Brian Benyo (above center) traveled from his home state of Ohio to Tiburon Island in Sonora, Mexico, to pursue desert bighorn sheep. A successful stalk on the second day of the hunt yielded a 25-yard shot at a giant ram that could top the current Pope & Young Club world record, which scored 178 6/8 points and was tagged in 2007 by Jim Hens in Hidalgo County, New Mexico.

Benyo's sheep has an initial entry score that is a half-inch higher than Hens' sheep. It is yet subject to P&Y panel judging verification, which could change the final accepted score for a variety of reasons, including unusual shrinkage during the natural drying process.

Panel judging is a process of verification of the final scores of antlers, horns and skulls of the highest ranking North American big game specimen entered during that 2-year recording period. A hand-picked team of highly knowledgeable and experienced certified measurers gather for the actual scoring.

Want to see Benyo's massive ram in person? His amazing desert sheep plus approximately a hundred more of the biggest big game animals tagged during the past 2 years will be on display at the P&Y Club's National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, April 15-18, 2015.

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