Gear Review: SkullHooker

When compared to head-and-shoulder taxidermy, European mounts are far less money. But what's the best way to display these skulls?

My wife is an avid hunter, and like me, she enjoys having taxidermy on display throughout our home. We have "his" and "her" head-and-shoulder mounts of whitetails, several bear rugs, a life-size coyote (she called it in with her voice then shot it with a bow), a wood duck (she shot it when she was 12) and several European mounts, including multiple whitetails, a pronghorn and a heavy-horned aoudad.

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Lately we've been displaying European mounts with a product called SkullHooker. Never heard of it?

SkullHooker is a fully adjustable and sturdy European skull mounting bracket that showcases your trophy game animal in a stylish and realistic way. The brackets are available in two different sizes and colors to accommodate a variety of species' horns or antlers. And this is the best part: You don't have to drill holes in the trophy's skull because a "hook" on the bracket (below) is designed to slip into the holes/crevices in the back of all animal skulls.

It's time to get the European mounts off the floor and out of the rafters and hang them with pride!

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