Scent Free, Quiet Wind Protection

ScentBlocker recently released a new wind braking technology that claims to break winds in excess of 50 MPH, still remain very quiet and control scent. You'll want to take a look.

When whitetail hunting wind is always the enemy, not only can it prematurely expose your position to deer, it can also make a relatively mild day into a miserable one. In the past getting a wind breaker that's quite has been a hurdle but ScentBlocker has it all figured out with their new WindBrake technology, plus you know they have you covered with their proven Trinity scent control technology.

Travis Watson, Director of Product Development at Robinson Outdoor Products says, "We are able to make specific fabric selections, apply various technical treatments, and engineer a unique fabrication process to create a nearly silent fabric that testing shows is capable of shearing 50+ mph winds. By incorporating Trinity scent control technology into these new fabrics, we are also protecting hunters from scent detection."

For the upcoming 2014 season ScentBlocker has added the new WindBrake technology to their Alpha and Matrix lines.

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