Fur Fantastic: .17 Win. Super Mag.

Need a better cartridge for collecting fine fur pelts? Then consider the .17 Win. Super Mag. rimfire.

The .17 Winchester Super Magnum with 25-grain plastic tip bullet at 2,600 fps promises to be a great tool for fur collection. It's two times flatter shooting than the next best rimfire, experiences half the wind deflection and maintains 3.5 times more energy beyond 100 yards.

It other words, it does legitimate 250-yard work—as a rimfire!

Recently I put 200 rounds of ammo through this new Winchester Model 1885 Low Wall, and the gun/load combo was consistent and accurate. And what a delight to handle, too. The rifle is slim, trim, silky smooth and it's just plain fun operating that lever.

Get one for yourself and see what I mean!

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