There's Trouble Bruin

Goldilocks had every right to be very, very afraid.

If you ever doubted the power and tenacity embodied in an American black bear, there's a car repair shop in New York's Adirondacks with some photographs of what happened to a compact car after an adult bruin spent some time in the front seat one recent night.

According to a report in The Adirondack Express, a black bear sow was apparently attracted to some gumdrops left on the interior console of a Honda Civic belonging to Sheila Brady and Peter Shannon in the early morning hours. The bruin managed to open the door of the unlocked car and crawled inside to indulge in some goodies.

The trouble started when the door closed behind the female, trapping it inside and separating it from its two cubs.

In its frantic attempt to escape confinement, we can accurately surmise the bear went bonkers, as it ripped the seats, dashboard and door panels to shreds, while also deploying both air bags. It also left behind a calling card that bears are normally known for doing "in the woods."

The crazed bear was finally freed from its entrapment when a neighbor opened one of the doors and made run for it, allowing the frantic mama bear to reunite with its youngsters. But by then, it was too late.

Next stop for the destroyed Civic was Smokey's Car Detailing. (How ironic is that? Smokey … bear? You can't make this stuff up!)

A social media post from the car repair establishment included multiple photos of the damage, as well as an obvious pronouncement that the vehicle was a total loss and beyond fixable.

While it's probably a good guess that the inquisitive sow is unlikely to enter another parked vehicle any time soon, it's also a safe bet that residents of the area won't be leaving food or other goodies inside their parked cars or trucks for the weeks to come.

And, we suspect they'll be locking their vehicle doors, too.

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