Can you guess what this kid is hunting?

Summer is downtime for many hunters because there's nothing to pursue, right? Wrong. As this youngster found out this past weekend, if you're creative it's always open season on something.

Connor lives in northern Minnesota, and his dad and I have been friends since the late 1980s. Connor loves to hunt anything and everything, with a pellet gun, shotgun, rifle, crossbow or compound. You name it and he's game. And Connor loves trapping, too. In my book, my buddy has done a fine job in raising a polite (Connor calls me Mr. Maas) and responsible young man.

I recently received this email from my buddy and thought you'd enjoy it.

Backyard Bowhunt

Hey Dave. I thought of you when I came home from running the dogs today and found Connor bowhunting chipmunks in the yard. I'll send several pics so you can appreciate what was going on this Sunday afternoon . . . good stuff. He was even shooting a broadhead! If you look close or zoom, it's obviously good lung blood on the 'munk! Have a good one.

Note: I'll save you the trouble of a Google search. Yes, chipmunks are classified as an "unprotected species" in Minnesota, meaning you can shoot them year-round with no license, no limit. My buddy allows his son to shoot chipmunks because they get into the garage and then chew through the transducer cable of his fishing boat.

Check your state regs to see which critters could test your shooting skill this summer!

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