Earn Your Holiday

The Fourth of July holiday is upon us. Have you made plans yet? If not, here are some options for you to mull that might help you in celebrating the Fourth in hunting style.

Start by planning a visit to your local shooting range and bring the entire family. Poll your shooting attendees and schedule time at the trap range or down at the silhouette range. Next, bring lots of ammunition. Now, start a friendly wager on who will hit the most targets and you have a great beginning to your holiday vacation.

Firearms have played a vital role in America's freedom and continue to do so today. Why not celebrate with a firearm in hand? You can find a shooting range near you by visiting the National Shooting Sports Foundation website.

Make your own fireworks. No, I'm not suggesting you begin mixing gasoline and black powder. Do you really want a permanent place on the TSAs No-Fly List? You can get spectacular explosions direct from stores such as your local Cabela's. Companies like Star Targets manufacture exploding target kits. Or, I'm sure you've hears of Tannerite. Mix the components via the directions and then back away at a safe distance.

Now get the family, kids and neighbors. Wave the flag and yell "fire in the hole" as you pull the trigger. The explosion and resounding boom will have everyone yelling for more. It's the perfect way to top off a great barbecue and kick off your own fireworks display.

Pay It Back
The first two ideas are purely for fun, but do you want to give something back to those who helped preserve the freedom of our country? Plan a hunt with a veteran service member. There are countless service members who would love to go on a hunt across the country, but they might not have the property or time to plan a hunt. Plus, some service members gave all leaving young children at home without a parent to help them toward a hunting future. If you know of someone who would be a great candidate, call them up and offer to take them out this coming fall.

If you need some help or would like to get involved, consider volunteering with an organization like Hope For The Warriors. They even have a program dedicated to healing through outdoor activities. All across this great country there are hunters hosting service members and all it takes is some sleuthing on your part to find a way to volunteer near your home.

The Fourth of July is an inspiring holiday. It should have you thinking "what if?" What if patriots didn't rally for our independence and fight for it ever since? Have fun this holiday and celebrate in hunting style!

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