Distracted Dog

I just talked with my buddy who's the associate editor at Trapper Post magazine, and he says pale Western coyotes, such as this one, will be fetching $70 or better from fur buyers this year. That's a tank of gas for the ol' FJ Cruiser every time I connect!

Tool: Scoped Rifle
Range: 133 yards
Wind: 5 mph, left to right

It's late December and this high-country coyote is wearing its prime winter coat—one that the rancher who owns the land I'm hunting would rather see on an upscale New York supermodel. I'll do my best to make that happen, and keep the door open for future hunts. Heck, if I do a good job of controlling his coyote population, he might even let me come back and hunt the muley bucks I've seen on his property.

This 'yote is running for a reason. It's dialed in on the rabbit decoy I placed upwind to my left to draw its attention—and its nose— away from me. I'm sitting against a small tree—elbows to knees—with my scope cranked down to it's lowest power setting, and I'm not shy about taking running shots when the range is this close. The mechanics of making this shot are similar to pass-shooting a pheasant—the key is in taking the right lead and keeping the barrel moving throughout the shot. Here, I'll hold on the leading edge of the coyote's chest, halfway up the body, squeeze the trigger and follow-through. This "tank of gas" won't know what hit it.

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