So, This Bear Walks Into a Bar

We don't know if the adult black bear enjoying a leisurely stroll through downtown Juneau, Alaska, on a mid-September night was thirsty, in search of camaraderie or shopping for a place to order a late-night ham sandwich, but it quickly learned it wasn't welcome inside the taproom at the historic Alaskan Hotel.

Security video shows the big bruin walking down the sidewalk and making a turn toward the hotel entrance at 167 S. Franklin St.

"As soon as the bear got to the bar door, it made a left and walked in like it wanted to have a beer," Hotel and Bar Manager C. Scott Fry said.

But Ariel Svetlik-McCarthy, the experienced night-shift barmaid with a sharp eye for troublemakers, wanted nothing to do with a customer looking every bit like trouble.

"No bear! Get out! No! You can't be in here!" she shouted.

The hotel video shows the bruin stopping in its tracks upon Svetlik-McCarthy's command, making a quick U-turn and then returning into the Alaskan night.

No one was hurt in the incident—unless you count the bear's feelings.

When asked to comment about the incident later, Svetlik-McCarthy said that besides looking like a potential troublemaker, the bruin appeared to be too young to come into a liquor establishment, anyway.

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