Barnett Vengeance

With the Vengeance, Barnett addresses some of the common crossbow gripes head-on.

One is weight. The CarbonLite riser assembly reduces overall weight—by approximately 43 percent— without compromising strength.

Another is front-end weight. The reverse- draw configuration faces the limbs forward and moves limb pockets closer to the trigger assembly, shifting the front end weight, center of gravity and the balance point closer to the shooter’s body.

Ordinarily, making a bow lighter reduces the amount of mass available to absorb shock and noise—another crossbow con. But with the parallel limb design, the recoil of each side cancels the other out, significantly reducing recoil and the resultant shock and noise.

This configuration also allows for a longer power stroke, and thus more speed, without increasing axle-to-axle width. The narrowness of the bow and its lighter weight make the Vengeance more maneuverable, particularly in the confines of a blind.

Decorated in a carbon fiber finish or high-definition camouflage, the Vengeance is available as a complete package with quick-detach quiver, three 22-inch arrows and an illuminated 3 X 32mm multi-reticle scope.

Draw Weight-140 lbs.
Power Stroke-18 in.
Speed-365 fps
Length-34.25 in.
Width-24 in.
Weight-7.9 lbs

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