Security Answers For Firearms In Vehicles

For firearm owners the aspect of traveling with firearms is as common as taking your swim trunks on a Caribbean vacation. When leaving your firearms in your vehicle at a competition or when hunting how do you ensure their safety and guarantee they don’t fall into the wrong hands?

Depending on the size of your firearm you have several options. For handguns the choices are numerous. One of the most secure options includes the use of a small, locked case secured with a security cable. Cases vary, but most feature rugged steel construction, foam cushioning and locking options. The security cable locks to a part of the vehicle that is almost impossible to disassemble. Many secure below the seat where it attaches to the frame of the vehicle. This deters any smash and grab with a case that is out of sight, and secured. Check out options online via stores like Cabela’s.

For rifles and shotguns you may just want to purchase the security cable and use an existing, approved firearm case. Make sure it has a handle or lock holes that are rugged enough to withstand a thief’s tools, and persistence. Sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and car trunks often have hooks, and structure that give you options to secure to the auto’s frame. Take your locked firearm case and secure it to one of these components with a certified security cable.

An option law enforcement personnel use worldwide is to employ a locking vault unit in the truck bed, trunk or cargo area of a SUV. TruckVault is a leader in models to fit most vehicles. Rugged, waterproof drawers lock with either a key or code punched in via a push-button system. Owners can tailor the drawers to secure a variety of firearm sizes and gear.

Whether you use a case secured with a security cable or a vault, out of sight is out of mind. Keep your firearms out of sight and thieves will bypass your vehicle for an obvious target elsewhere.

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