My Furry Coyote Partner

The author's dog, Sage, has become his favorite secret coyote weapon.

No matter if I’m testing a new urban coyote location or a remote badlands setting, I take along my furry coyote hunting partner: my dog. Nearly 4 years ago, we opened the doors to a new family member, Sage. First and foremost she was going to be a family dog, a hiking partner and possibly even a candidate for 4-H projects. Secretly I had hopes she’d tease coyotes into rifle range.

Using a simple training program similar to that of a bird dog, I soon had Sage acting as a live canine decoy on all of my coyote setups. Some decoy dogs torment coyotes, but oftentimes a dog’s mere presence—especially as coyotes become territorial in and around breeding season—is enough to make coyotes break the bullet barrier.

On an average setup, Sage sits right beside me scanning for incoming targets. If the coyote advances without hesitation, Sage waits patiently. If the coyote holds up or swings wide, I send her out to mend the situation. She’s the perfect coyote hunting partner.

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