Capitalize On Coyote Turf Wars

Coyotes oftentimes mate for years in a row, but they rarely mate for life.

Mortality is so high in most areas that coyotes are continually roaming to find a new mate. Consider this search a coyote rut that you can use to your advantage—especially during February when mating peaks. Coyote vocalizations can be deadly in this scenario. Lone, non-aggressive howls can entice a forlorn coyote seeking companionship despite heavy hunting pressure.

You might be lucky enough to have coyotes vocalize on their own at dawn or dusk, but faux coyote howls—either from a handheld call or digital caller—can confirm there are coyotes in a given area. You can imitate coyote howls using one of the many manufactured calls on the market. I do my best howling using an elk or turkey diaphragm—using a megaphone to direct the howl. If this all sounds too complicated, simply use one of the many digital callers out there. Simply press the “coyote howl” button and let the speaker do the rest.

When coyotes respond, note their location and then put your mapping and GPS skills to work looking for access. Handy GPS programs, such as Hunting GPS Maps, give public land boundaries as well as landowner information in some states.

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