Bacon and Buzzcuts

Now we’re talkin’! I’ve been to Texas more times than I can count on one hand, and this is only the second tusked giant I’ve ever seen. I failed to get a shot at the first big boar during a bowhunt 10 years ago, and it still haunts me.

Although it’s tough to make out all the details on Mr. Pig because of the thick morning fog, I like everything I can see—especially those wicked chompers. His thick coat is black and coated with mud/dirt, or his hide a swirling blend of black and tan hairs. Either way, it’ll make an awesome rug.

Yes, I said “rug.” As in the same type of rug used to display bears. A buddy of mine made a rug from a Texas boar he shot during our hog bow hunt a decade ago, and it’s crazy cool.

I have the 30-yard dot of my crossbow scope hovering just below the hog’s near shoulder, but I’m wise enough to wait for a broadside or quartering-away shot. I’ve butchered several hogs during previous hunts and know first-hand that archers shouldn’t flirt with the shield-like shoulder area on these critters.

To maximize arrow penetration, I’ve chosen a cut-on-contact broad-head that flies like a dart: the 100-grain Magnus Stinger Buzzcut. Turn, Mr. Pig. Turn.