Making Lemonade

NAH-TV Host Luke Hartle shares his thoughts the shot that he's presented in this photo.

TOOL: Scoped Muzzleloader
RANGE:165 yards
WIND:20 mph, right to left

As a farmer’s son, I knew first-hand that the wet spring we had across the Midwest was going to cause problems much more far-reaching than getting soaked while trying to work a slate call in the turkey woods. April showers bring May flowers…and the late planting of agricultural crops. Late planting means a late harvest, or in this case, early snow and a limited harvest. There’s a reason most farmers are bald (my dad included).

But I’m gonna make lemonade out of this whitetail. I can’t help that the neighboring farmer wasn’t able to pull all his corn before the first snow of the season hit, but I can punish this buck for stealing corn that belongs to someone else.

I’m all snuggled in against the base of a tree, holding a .50 caliber CVA Accura V2 zeroed at 150 yards. And as soon as I exhale this one last breath completely, I’ve got a 250-grain PowerBelt AeroLite that’s going to force this buck to exhale his last breath.

Given the stiff west wind coming out of the corn, I’m going to center the cross-hairs on the buck’s far (left) leg and halfway up his body. The bullet should get pushed left a little more than 2 inches, catching the front of the close lung and the back of the far lung, destroying everything in between and painting the snow with sweet pink lemonade.

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