Dancing Or Dueling Bears?

Hunters who can legally use bait to lure in black bears often monitor their sites with a scouting cam to learn the number, size and gender of bruins in the area. And sometimes your camera captures something almost too good to be true.

The photo above is any black bear’s hunters dream—not one but two mature bruins using a bait site, and one of them is a gorgeous color-phase bear! And FYI to anyone who hasn’t hunted bears: These boys are battling for site supremacy, they ain’t doin’ the two-step.

This amazing pic was captured on the new Stealth Cam G42NG, which is a 10 megapixel camera with four resolutions; 10, 8, 4 or 2 MP. The cam has 42 NoGlo ‘BLACK’ IR emitters with a 100-foot range, making it ideal for hunters who don’t want to spoke a mature buck, bull or bear. Click here for a list of the many other hunt-friendly features.

Of course, a scouting cam is only good if it’s compact, easy to use and affordable, and the Stealth Cam G42NG meets all of these criteria. Measuring only 4x5.5 inches, the G42NG has pre-programmed options for simple operation and MSRP is only $189.99.

As the saying goes, take (buy) two, they’re small.

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