Predator Calling Blast From The Past

Diehard predator hunters have used mouth calls to lure in foxes, coyotes and bobcats for hundreds of years, but electronic calls are relatively new.

Today we editors bring you a “golden oldie” from frequent North American Hunter contributor M. R. James. He writes:

"Don’t laugh! This battery-powered record player was a hi-tech varmint calling device back in the 1960s. And my old Hoosier bowhunting buddy Jack Reinhart and I spent many an hour tempting foxes within shooting range by playing 45 rpm records of squealing birds and bunnies. We used Burnham Brothers mouth calls too, and had a ton of fun. As I recall, our nocturnal "serenades" caused a lot of farmers' dogs to start howling, too! But we did shoot some foxes as our contribution to southern Indiana predator control."

Thanks M. R. for sharing this amazing photo and story!

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