Bears want big things from Martellus Bennett

The middle of the field should be wide open for Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett.

Rich Campbell at the Chicago Tribune believes "Martellus Bennett is poised to build on his breakthrough first season" with the Bears. Tight ends coach Andy Bischoff also had praise for Bennett mentioning "The things we've identified for him as improvable areas, he is all over it." Bennett had some issues staying healthy last season but should be good to go this year.

Fantasy Analysis

There are two possibilities with Bennett -- he could become a legitimate TE1 with defenses focusing on Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte, or his production becomes capped because there are only so many receptions to go around in the offense. For fantasy purposes, you can consider him a TE2 with TE1 upside.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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