Why Not Try a Wine-Beer Today?

We thought it sounded gross, too. But these delicious grape-based brews will seduce you with a single sip. Prepare to pair your poisons!

L’Amoureuse Rouge (Pale Ale + Pinot Noir)

Like the lady on the label, the stuff inside the bottle is sexy. Imagine your favorite crisp pale ale with floral notes and peach flavors. Then, add a subtle lemon-and-orange sourness and a little Welch’s grape juice. Summer ready, knock this back with burgers or spicy tacos.

The Bruery’s Confession (Lager + Reisling)

A hay-hued brew that tastes a lot like Farmhouse Belgian beer, it’s bright, thirst quenching and full of tangy apple, pear and a malty grain flavor that can only be described as milked-soaked Grape Nuts. Plays well with almost any dish, from pulled pork to pizza.

Odell Brewing’s Amuste (Porter + Tempranillo)

This black-as-Guinness, high-proof beer is like a linebacker: It’s a big-ass brute that’ll bowl you over and make your brain buzz. It boasts rich dark chocolate and blackberry flavors with a healthy hint of toasted vanilla. It’s the perfect pour for the post-steak chocolate dessert.

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