8 comic book creations come to life

These weapons and technologies might seem like the work of science fiction writers and comic book creators, but the military plans on making them a reality.

The New Super-Weapon of the U.S.

The Navy gets all the cool toys. They already have Death Star-like laser technology and stealth destroyers. Now they’re getting another weapon that’s been likened to something out of George Lucas' imagination. Conveniently nicknamed the “Star Wars” gun, the Elecromagnetic Railgun (EMRG) can fire missiles that can travel at 5,400mph - seven times the speed of sound - and uses speed instead of explosives to destroy its target. It’s expected to bed added to warships in just two years and will be the most technologically advanced weaponry yet. How exactly does it work? Check it out HERE.

It’s not a plane. It’s not a bird. It’s a...flying car?

007 would be jealous that French special forces are taking technology straight out of the James’ Bond arsenal handbook. The French military has designed a prototype for an all-terrain, ultra-light vehicle that can take off and fly anywhere...and it’s deathly silent. France's military plans to equip the car with machine guns, rockets, and missiles. But for now, it’s just a really nifty looking ATV for the skies. Watch the video here.

From Robocop to...Super-Human Soldiers

It’s a suit straight out of a science-fiction movie and it would enhance soldiers’ strength with technology; that is, make a super-human soldier with robotic enhancements. It’s an ultra-lightweight suit that would reinforce areas more prone to injury, such as joints, ankles, knees, hips, lower back and shoulders. It’ll also allow soldiers to run at top speed for longer periods of time. But don’t get too excited...the suit is still about 20 years away from production.

Has the age of Super-Human soldiers arrived?

The new and improved Batmobile

To best French Special Forces, the U.S. military has unveiled a massive flying truck that would squash France’s flying car like a Junebug. It’s called the "Black Knight" and it looks like it was created by Lucius Fox. It’s the world’s first "roadable" VTOL aircraft, which is just a fancy way of saying it can drive on the ground and fly in the air. The AT Transformer is the first of its kind and is capable of performing vertical takeoffs and landings. Translation?

I, Robot takes a leap from the movie screen

The U.S. military sure does like to use Hollywood as inspiration for new technology! Now, they’re awarding a multi-million dollar contract to anyone capable of building what they call a “moral robot.” It might look and sound like Sonny from I, Robot, but these military droids are a bit more advanced – and won't cause a revolution (hopefully)– than Will Smith’s robot-friend. The military robots must be able to decide right from wrong and understand moral consequences. Without those characteristics, the military will keep their $7.5 million grant.

Military sets out to create ‘moral’ robots

”Autobots, roll out!”

Well, it’s all about flight these days. So perhaps its no surprise that a British company is taking a cue from Transformers and creating a jet that can split in two and transform back to one. The company, BAE Systems, is planning a jet that can replicate itself before entering the battlefield and has the ability to convert back to a jet after leaving the warzone. The idea slated to become a reality by 2040, according to MailOnline. The same technology - nanotechnology - will be used to create self-repairing aircraft during battle if damaged.

Thank you, Peter Park

The U.S. Military will be putting Spiderman to work. Well, not really, but they will be exploring the idea of using spider silk to create...you guessed it...bulletproof vests. Spider silk is one of the toughest known natural fibers, but also one of the lightest and most flexible. Some ultra-strong spider silk is stronger than high-grade steel and the military is exploring ways to utilize this feat of nature for bulletproof, ultra-light suits. The main challenge? Producing enough spider silk to manufacture the suits. A small obstacle to overcome by the men who brought you laser guns. I bet you Spiderman never thought of using his own web to make his suit!

Check it out on LiveScience!

Tony Stark shares the Iron Man suit with the military

U.S. Special Operations Command is planning to build a suit mirrored after the famous Marvel Comic book character, but it’s still far from production. It’s technical name is the Tactical Assault Light Operators Suit , or TALOS for short, and it will be a lightweight full-body ballistics protector with enhanced super-human strength and movement. But wouldn’t a suit like that get hot? It turns out engineers thought of that already and are integrating not only coolers in the suit but also heaters for cold weather. The wearer of the suit wouldn’t even have to manually adjust the temperature as the suit would regulate the temperature inside automatically.

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