Lark a Prized Recruit was on hand for the Texas State 7-on-7 tournament. Several top teams and players were in action. In this update, we caught up with Bellaire wide receiver Courtney Lark, a 2016 target who will be at the top of many recruiting lists.

It probably caught him off guard, at least a little.

Late during his sophomore season, Houston (Tex.) Bellaire wide receiver Courtney Lark, in the final regular season game of year had a great showing as two of the team’s primary receivers were sidelined. Both were of Division I caliber, but Lark showed that he too was on that level.

“After the Westside game, things just blew up,” Lark said. 

That statement proved to be the truth. This off season, it started with SMU and the ball got rolling after that. Now, the 6-foot-1, 170-pound Lark holds nine offers, and is poised for many more. 

To date, only one of the state’s public schools have extended an offer, but that could change shortly.

“I have nine offers. Texas Tech, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Maryland, Nebraska, UNLV and Kentucky are the ones I can remember right now,” Lark said. “Everything is going good, but I have not made any visits yet. But I did go to camps at Baylor and Texas A&M.”

So far those two are the only ones, but by the end of the day, he will have another one that he competed in.

“I will be at Texas on July 18 for the Under the Lights camp,” Lark said.

Texas Tech, Baylor and Texas A&M are the schools Lark said “keep in touch” with him on the most frequent basis. He said that making some game day visits are in the future plans, but no plans have been set and no selected programs have been chosen or targeted.

It is the size and the ease at which Lark catches passes that has programs from across the country wanting him on their 2016 roster.

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