Quiz: Great-Grandson Of Which U.S. President?

Sometimes you never know who you’ll meet when traveling to distant lands in pursuit of the greatest game species.

True story: I once shared caribou camp with Roosevelt. Yes, that Roosevelt . . . sort of.

Shown above is Tweed Roosevelt (born 1942), the great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. I met him on a caribou hunt to Northwest Territories several years ago. He was traveling alone and had always dreamed of hunting caribou.

“None of my friends were interested or available,” he said with a smile as we waited for the floatplane to take us to camp. “So I booked the trip and hoped I’d meet interesting folks such as yourself.”

Tweed (his mother’s maiden name was Tweed) is chairman of the Boston firm, Roosevelt China Investments, and he occasionally lectures and writes on the topic of his great-grandfather. He’s also the president of the Board of Trustees for the Theodore Roosevelt Association . Most importantly, Tweed is a great man, just like his great-grandfather.

I can also report that when it comes to shooting a firearm, Tweed carries on his great-grandfather’s hunting legacy in fine fashion. Tweed made an excellent shot on the bull shown in the photo above after making a long and careful stalk across the tundra.

I consider myself fortunate to have stayed in touch a bit with Tweed through the years, and I know that he still finds time to shoot and hunt. In fact, each year a few lucky individuals get to share time in the pheasant fields of North Dakota hunting with Tweed (above) on the same ground once walked by T.R. himself. Click here to learn more about the outstanding event Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt, which is all about saying thanks to our military and giving support to those battling cancer.

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