Outboard Pilot Changes The Game

A new autopilot system from Lowrance provides fingertip control of the outboard.

Lowrance’s all-new Outboard Pilot gives anglers an “extra hand,” so they can focus more on their fishing.

Designed for use with the company’s HDS Gen2 or HDS Gen2 Touch electronics, Outboard Pilot can be installed with hydraulic or cable-steer outboard systems, allowing easy-to-use, fingertip steering of a single-outboard setup on boats 30 feet or shorter—all with commands coming directly from the HDS display.

Outboard Pilot can steer to a selected heading, waypoint or along a route, as well as execute a selected turn pattern. Additionally, it allows anglers to create routes from saved trails with the touch of a button, giving them the ability to retrace tracks from a fishing area back to the dock.

What’s more, Lowrance’s new HDS SmartSteer interface provides outboard control as well as the ability to control a MotorGuide Xi5 Pinpoint electric-steer trolling motor. The steering interface—available with the free HDS 3.5 software update—allows anglers to switch between the Xi5 trolling motor and the outboard motor with the push of a button.

“Outboard Pilot is a game-changer for our inland and coastal Lowrance customers,” said Leif Ottosson, Navico CEO. “It’s like giving anglers an extra pair of hands, just when they are needed most, and the HDS SmartSteer interface simplifies installation and saves considerable dash space.”

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