Scout Q&A: Standup Comic Nick Thune

We caught up with the guitar-playing Seahawks fan—and frequent Dodger Stadium attendee—at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal.

How’s the festival going so far?
It’s going well. It’s always a fun festival. I love being able to see people I don’t see very often and bounce around to so many different shows.

Have you had any shows yet?
I’ve had a couple warmup shows so far—last night I was on Kumail Nanjiani’s show. But that’s the fun thing about this festival, when you get here they then throw you on about another 30 different shows.

Do you find the Canadian crowds different from the American crowds?
They’re different in the sense that you have to maybe change one word or something. A couple years ago I had a joke about DiGiorno pizza and here they don’t have DiGiorno, but they have the same thing called Delissio which has the same slogan and the slogan is what the joke was about, so I had to change the word DiGiorno to the word Delissio, but that’s basically the only thing you have to do in Canada.

How do you like Montreal?
I love it. I mean I’ve really only been here for the festival, but yesterday I went out and filmed something with Jon Dore for the show that he does called Funny as Hell and we were shooting out in the country on a farm. Since I’ve only come to the festival, I’ve generally only been stuck kind of downtown, in the middle of it, and it was pretty nice to go a half hour out of town and see how different it is.

What do you like to do when you are stuck in the city?
I always like to get a bike and just ride around. The streets here are pretty bike-friendly so it’s pretty easy. It’s not too much of a hilly city, you can go all over the place.

Are you looking forward to doing Talk of the Fest with Nick Offerman tonight?
Yeah it’s exciting, I love Nick Offerman. I think he’s one of the nicest guys. When you live in Hollywood you meet people that are fake-nice or mean and he’s just kind of nice-nice. He’s not fake, he’s not mean; he’s just a nice guy.

I know you’re a football fan, and you’re from Seattle, correct? So are you a Seahawks fan?
I am. My team is the best team.

Do you ever go to games; are you a crazy Seattle fan that’s part of the 12th man?
I’ve been to a game in the new stadium once. Living in L.A. I’m just never quite home to go to those games, but growing up I would go to games all the time. We Seahawks fans have been disappointed most of our lives and finally the tables have turned.

Do you go to any sports games in L.A.?
Yeah, I’ve adopted the Dodgers. I’ve got season tickets so I go to almost every home game. I’m a little obsessed.

So is baseball your favorite sport to watch?
I would say all in all baseball as a game is my favorite sport. I just love the game, it was my favorite growing up to play. I love watching baseball, I love being in a baseball park but I like watching football with friends and family and obviously I’m invested in those teams. I’ve never been a Sonics fan, I’ve always been a Trailblazers fan. Most of our teams that my family has supported have just disappointed us. I actually flew up and went to a Trailblazer’s playoff game against the Spurs this year in Portland and it was just a sad, sad, thing to see. They got their asses handed to them.

Finally, going back to your comedy, what’s next for you after Just for Laughs?
There’s a tour I’m doing in the Northwest the first week of August. I’m gonna play Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver. I’m also playing the Supreme Fest in L.A. put on by Tenacious D and I’m going to do a little run in Chicago in October.

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